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Wind power fraud





by Charles S. Opalek, PE


Everyone believes alternative energies are the answer to all our power problems, with wind power leading the way.

 The truth is: Wind power is unsustainable and a total waste of resources.

This book exposes the utter uselessness of wind power, including how:


  • Wind turbines rarely produce their advertised full power.  

  • On average, wind turbines only produce about 20% of their nameplate rating.

  • Wind power is unreliable and undispatchable.  When it is needed most, it will likely be unavailable to provide any power when it is needed most.

  • Wind power is not clean.  It takes a lot of dirty energy to make the materials, manufacture and install a wind turbine facility.

  • Wind turbines are not environmentally friendly.  They are noisy, unsightly, kill bats and birds, interfere with radars, and have been shown to be responsible for a slew of health problems.

  • Wind turbines consume electricity whether operating or not.  Often this power is not even metered.  Care to guess who is paying the bill for this power?

  • In theory, if 20% of US electric generation was replaced by wind power, the decrease in CO2 emissions would be an unnoticeable 0.00948%.

  • In reality, wind power doesn't reduce CO2 emissions at  all, because backup fossil power plants have to cycle wildly and inefficiently trying to keep up with erratic wind power output.

  • Wind power will not replace fossil fired power plants.  Germany estimates that by 2020 up to 96% of its wind power capacity will need to be backed up by new coal fired power plants.

  • Wind power will not reduce US dependency on foreign oil.  If wind power replaced 20% of US electric generation, the resulting decrease in oil imports would be a measly 0.292%.

  • Wind turbines have an embarrassingly low Energy Returned On Energy Invested value of 0.29.  The manufacture, installation and operation of wind power facilities will consume more than 3 times the energy they will ever produce.


Wind Power is Big Business.  

The big winners will be developers, land owners, brokerage houses, banks, manufacturers, governments, the "green" movement, environmentalists, researchers, academia, and the news media.  The big losers will be the taxpayers and electric bill payers.

If you: 

       suspect that wind power isn't all that it is crapped up to be -
      are suspicious with all the seemingly endless positive hype surrounding wind power - 
      wonder why no one has anything negative to say about wind power -
      need a complete source of information to refute all the claims about wind power  - 
Then Wind Power Fraud is the book for you.

To order your copy go to  WIND POWER FRAUD: 230 pages, 6" x 9", perfect bound, black and white, soft cover for $19.70, or download for $5.24. 

About the Author: Charles S. Opalek is a registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He has been practicing engineering since 1965, and has been in private practice since 1987. Much of his background was in power generation.

He is an active consulting engineer to architects, designing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems for industrial, commercial and residential projects.


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